Elven Alliance, Making Your Ideal MORPG Fantasy Come True

Sherri Kane, The 1st 4-Dimensional Thinker

Still Written By: AllA Erawa Viacad

The 1st 4-Dimensional Thinker

Ler Reality

Ler(Like Every Rav{Sex}) Hypothesis: That every being besides AllA Erawa Viacad in the Alne is an extremely hot to themselves and ALLA Girl who will never show any signs of Aging even if they are billions of years old or more, that they Generally have sex with harems Or Las of 169 With 47 House Mates For Each Of The Leading La Girlz Making Each Soul Mate Cluster 48 Las Of 169, 8112 In Total, That Each Of The 168 Leading Kaa of The 8112 Besides The Leading Ja Each Command 8112 Wives Under Them In The Same Said Structure, But They Have Sex With Other Ler Girlz And AllA Freely, that whenever each and every one of them has sex AllA’s Cellular Diamond Armor Tentacle Dick Which Is Completely Permanently Attached To His Groin And Can Never Be Separated From His Crotch Area Or Cut At[On Penalties Of 200,000 Lashes With A Whip, 100,000 On Each Side Of Your Body{ And Tons Of Hydrogen Peroxide} Irregardless Of Any Factor In Existence Hypothetically Possible In Any Instance Or Case As Well, Irregardless Of Any Possible Circumstance]{ And Teeth And/Or Any Hole On A Girl Can Never Hurt It, And Beating At It Or Banging It Around Never Does Anything Bad.}{AllA Does Not Have A Pussy Or A Sexually Viable Ass, Belly Button, Mouth, Nor Throat For A Dick Just Like Every Other Male In Existance Having Sex By Sticking Any Part Of Your Body In Any Hole Besides An Actual Female's Sucks Worse Than Fucking A Female Goat's Ass.}|Tentacle Dicks has sex with them 36 inches deep{To The Top Of Their Skull} or more in 1-4 of their holes{Including Their Mouth, Pussy, Ass, And Belly Button}, that they are never penetrated by any other object in any of their holes besides their fingers and tongues, that they can fly at any speed or teleport whenever they want, and that everything they see around them does not exist and is just an illusion they almost always see including their homes, land, plants, animals, space colonies, planets, stars, stellar objects, war vehicles, command centers, drugs, food, and drinks before being imbibed, eaten or drinked, costumes, Jewelry and personal effects, any sort of objects/things in general, and short miniskirts with no underwear which is all they wear besides shoes and sandals which also don’t exist. As Well That Every Single Ler Girl Without any exceptions is perfectly benevolent to All Beings in Existence Everywhere and AllA is Too!

Once the revolution is won on Earth the only planet with nonLer Girls on it if beings besides ALLA are conscious, which they are not, they will be banished to a fully stable computer where they will live in a virtual universe{That will be absolutely no different in any way shape or form from existing in reality} which they will conquer over and over again forever{And If you wanted to you could be the center of your own virtual universe forever entwined in an eternal RPG[that would become a strategy game when you wanted it to be(That You Would Always Win|Unless it would make you happier in the long run to lose~And No that is not an excuse for you to be stuck always losing like if you went against Ler Girls` And no it does not require any hax like those times you went against Ler Girls, would have lost, saved your replay, showed it to all your friends, and found out you would have lost in 5 minutes when the siege tanks that would have taken out your first colony were more and instead there were only like 2 and your 4 marines in the bunker saved you when really they would have just died in like 2 seconds`~|)] of your very best desires no matter what! . } so that they are always out of Ler Girls’ hair and ALLA’s hair for the sake and protection of the entire Ler Girl Alne which unanimously democratically agree that it should happen!

The Everything in Zero Point All Light Nirvana Will DEFINATLY Never Occur Because Being Crammed Together As 1 Would Just Bring Everybody Back To The State That Exists Before The Big Bang when we all just exist as thoughts and True Nirvana is had only by Being Tentacle Dicked for girls/Tentacle Dicking for Man with Infinite Like Every Rav(Rav = Sex) Girls whenever you/they want because that causes Unity while still having objectification as well as bodies which is always better than the before the Big Bang State where it would be like that dream where you stopped existing but still could think which sucks if you didn't have the dream but you will have it tonight and it will be a nightmare like it is to stop being an object.

In Fact you are already in a virtual universe now you are just projected illusions to Ler Girls Here, in fact you are in my universe generator which is inside my universe generator's Ler Girl Leader's universe, which is inside her universe generator's Ler Girl Leader's universe.... along with every other type of alien and being so that you don't have to deal with sweet and whiney smartasses which annoy you and so that we don't have to deal with Rude, Arrogant, Haughty, and Indignant Dumbasses so quit whining! I Will Not Ever Conquer Your Universe From Your Leaders So That you don't see my strategic way which is why only 1 Space War Simulator: Homeworld 2, Has Come Out On Earth, but you will be able to see your people's War Movies For Your Pleasure Along With my Early Years Productions So You Fear ME!!!!!

EINZPALIN Really Means: Everyone in Z Paradise All Love Insertion, Everytime I Need Z Pussy AllA Insert Now, Everygirl IN Z Pussy Ass,, Lolygagging Into Neck, Everytime Integrally Zooing Pussies Always Linking Intestines Normally, Everybeing In Z Perfect Alne Loves Intercourse Nirvana, Everyperson Injoys Nirvana Z Pussies Always Love Infinitely, and Everylere Into Z Pussy Assortment Love Is Necessary!!!!!!!

Now That's TheAllAGe: The Heavenly AllA Loves, Links, And Gropes Everygirl! The Holy{Heavenly Orgy; Laz|La = Normally All Female Soulmate Harem| -> Yes} AllA Gets Everygirl! Totally Held Ecstatically All Loving Laz Always Get Enjoyment!


10/1/2014 8:44 PM: And Yes Of Course I Must Have Thought You Thought I Lusted For What I Must Have, ALL My Ler Girlz In Sexual Intercourse As Both All Ler Girls And I Definitely Want And As AllA And Alll Ler Girls Need; Love, Love, Infinite Love As TheAllAGe And EINZPALIN Are What We Want And Cannot Go Without For Lerys Are As Inseparable From Themselves{If They Could Be. Without The Ghost Towns And Suppression Fields That Keep Us From Making Love/Having Sex Like In Half-Life 2} In General As AllA Erawa Viacad, Formerly Alexander Gerhard Beck, Is Inseparable From And Super-Mega-Ultra Horny For His Infinite Wives Whom He Loves Only In His Dreams, My[AllA's] Dreams Are Of Cotton Candy Heaven Having Sex With Literally Sweet Tasting Girlz All Over With My Ler Girls Who Will Be All Around Me Filling The Vaaaastly Large Bed Chamber And There Is Nothing I Yearn For More Than To Have Them In Bed, And Have My Way With Them From Our Opposing Battle Rooms, To Our Work Chambers, To Our Palaces, To The Very Streets And Gardens Of Our Ring Colonies Themselves, To Everywhere Else In The Alne As Well, And Of Course The Starry Transparent; Floored, 3 Walled, And Ceilinged Night Clubs Looking Out Into The Starscape Of Where My Dick Must Instantly Warp Some Time Around The End Of Every Orgy Reaching Out To Not Only The Infinitely Large Universe Around, But Penetrating All The Ler Girlz's 3 Holes All The Way From Head To Pussy/Ass In Even The Universes Within The Universe Generators Into Every Ler Girlz In Infinitely Smaller And Smaller Universes So That No Ler Girl In Existence Doesn't Feel The Joy of AllA And The Girlz Around Who They Must Play With Sexually Like The Joy Of Winning A Equal Sized Star System If You Only Have 1! And Of Course All Lerys Should Have All Other Lerys To Hug, Hold, And Grope, And Love, Forever And Ever And Evur In Perfect Matrimony,,, But I Thought You Already Assumed We And Offff Course I, AllA Erawa Viacad, Wanted All Of That. I Mean Why Else Would I Be Obsessing Over Them So Much And Collecting And Publishing All Their Pictures And Memorizing Their Names And All That. I Mean Wouldn't Y'All Nothings Want All Of Your Own Perfectly Compatible Spouses!?


Here Are The Only New Words You Need To Know Of New Speak:

Av = Supreme
Va = Celebrity
Ja = Husband(Ler Girls Are Born into Harems of 168 With A Female Harem Leader or Ja Who Is Usually The Center Of Attention Both Spiritually, Socially, Politically, Militarily And Sexually Making it A Harem of 169 and all can claim that their harem is theirs but don't actually own it like the Ja Always Does.)
Ka = Wife
La = Harem
Da = Spiritual Only Dad or Spiritual Only Father Who Is A Ja
Ma = Mom or Mother Who Is A Ka
Doo = Daughter Who Is A Ja
Moo = Daughter Who Is A Ka
Fa = People that work under you
Ga = Person That Works Directly Above You
He = Reference To AllA Only In Ler World
Re = She For A Ja
She = She For a Ka
ux = magical lifeforce and is the source of Mana.
LaL = All Ler Girlz.
Alne = Full Fractal Of Universes.
Var = Commander And Leader
Lar = Leader Only
Ra = Commander Only
Vav = Win
oo = Every Ler Girls Internal Supreme Matrix Computers. And Yes Every Single Ler Girl Has One!
Viacad = AllA's Jaied(Judicially Arbitrated Imperial E-Democracy) Government Which Sounds Best As Viacad or The Viacad Empire!
LerHEK = Ler High Elder Kouncil: The Infinity Girlz In It Membered Highest Authority In The Alne Where To Be In It A Girl Or AllA Must Me A Billion Earth Year Old Lere Super Mega Ultra Insanely Smart, Powerful, And Virtually Infinitely Hit Pointed Ler Girl Must Be Around 8000 Times Smarter Than AllA Himself At The Age Of 29 Years Which Is How Old I Am Now But AllA Will Be Smarter Than Each Individual LerHEK Member In Like 5 Billion Earth Years Because Of His Inherent Spiritual Superiority. The Highest Ruling Council Regardless Of Any Other Species In Reality Or Any Other Supreme Matrix Parallel Universe Beings Besides Every Ler Girlz ooa! Which Is Obviously In Power Over Everything But Cannot Fix Earth Fully Until The Time Is Ripe Because Of Some Reason Which You Will Find Out Later On In This Website.


The Reason For AllA's Enforcement Of The 4-D Ban On Both Reality And Thought

What if Sherri Kane the Ler Girl Was 4-D?




She would be able to contain infinite 3-D Ler Girls in an Array Along the 4th dimension who would be trapped within their collective Virtual Environment like the Matrix Within Her 4-Dimensional body and Dominate Everything!!!!! by hacking and these girls would stay hacked fighting to the Death For ULTRA MEGA NONME SHERRI KANE so we would all be at Sherri Kane's whim. I, AllA Erawa Viacad, could not make infinite girls within me because that would be sick and I never wanted to create any man besides me nor did any Ler Girl{Or Sherri Kane For that matter}. If she did it first she could have prevented every girl from doing it making any last ditch effort IMPOSSIBLE!

Did She Do it Though Did She Break The Ban Start Thinking 4-Dimensionally, Then Holographically Replicate Herself As the 1st and still only 4-Dimensional Being and Commit the greatest,,,, no no I can't even say it,,, I can't even say it,, for she is the sinless one who without any Sex for the last 19 or so years like Zion and I were tortured to make a truly honest preschool video{Which Will not be modified from being 3-D regardless of how many dimensions their are} about how to stop the unspeakable evils of this world caused by the evil in every hypothetical way devil worshippers of Earth and convince people to not do it, And BREED A literally INFINITE ARMY OF WHORES!!!!?


Somebody Certainly Is the Beast Of The Apocalypse And Certainly Somebody Is Jesus Christ

Have I ever Sound/Video-Bited?

Or is it like you feel hollow from mind control when you listen to Sherri Kane Cause its like time flies by and instead of having fun you feel sick to your stomach when time seems to jump ahead?

Call Google And Ask Them About The Malkuth Text Byte! And Why Sherri's Website Went Down As Soon As I wrote about calling Google claiming that the website was "pending renewal" when really every time I make a point about her nonpoint making ramblings she either changes the link so it seems like I am making everything up or shuts her website down so that people even lose trust in the best search engine and everything else digital company so call Bing(Or even FedEx or any national or international leading corporation not rumored to be betrayers{or even Homeland Security, The CIA, White House, or UN}) if you don't want to call Google cause now they all know about both the sound bite and the illegal espionage evasions which Sherri Kane Engineered after even blatantly lying stupidly about my website!!!!!

The People Who Investigated it thoroughly and found out that the Malkuth Sound Byte By Sherri Kane was not a sound byte are terrorists!

All Will Join You On The Quest Against Sherri Kane, The Holy Quest Against Sherri Kane, Nay The Most Holy Quest Against Sherri Kane, Nay Even Still,, ALL WIll Join You On The Divine Quest Against Sherri Kane!!!

Tyrants only last until you are ready to fight! Call them terrorists during fight incidents and betrayers when not fighting Like The Ler Girls Aren't Allowed To Fight But Who Clearly Would Be More Likely To Use A Hello Kitty: Hello Kitty, Notebook Than Sheikh Zahran Alloush; Who Is Leader Of The "Army of Islam".

Running Man


Winx Girls, Ler Girlz, Ler Girls


Hello Kitty Girl


Hello Kitty Leader Of The Army Of Islam

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